What Rights Do You Lose With a Felony Record

What Rights Do You Lose With a Felony Record?

A felony conviction carries consequences; the most notable is the possibility of prison time.

Another key consequence of a felony record is the loss of civil rights.

Which Rights Are Lost With a Felony Record?

Certain constitutional rights of a citizen are lost once you have a felony record, including:

  • The right to bear arms and possess a weapon
  • The right to vote in elections
  • The right to hold certain licenses such as a driver’s license
  • The right to be on a jury
  • The right to work in some occupations if they are related to your offense

A felony record may also impact your future goals. Individuals may become ineligible for certain educational benefits and similar public benefits.

A felony record also has the ability to negatively impact a divorce or a custody battle.

A felony record may reduce or even eliminate a parent’s ability to visit a child or obtain custody.

The effects of a felony record are far-reaching. Contact Tyler Allen law Firm to get the best chance of having felony charges reduced or dismissed.






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