Class 3 felonies in Arizona

What are Class 3 Felonies in Arizona?

Class 3 felonies in Arizona can be split into two groups:  Dangerous and Non-Dangerous.

The presumptive sentence for a first time offender found guilty of a Class 3 Felony is 3.5 years.

If you are found guilty of a dangerous Class 3 felony, you will not be eligible for promotion.

Many crimes can become a Class 3 felony (as opposed to a felony of another class) due to their circumstances.

Here are some examples of Class 3 felonies in Arizona:

  • Possession of more than two, but less than four pounds of marijuana
  • Certain forms of theft
  • Certain forms of aggravated assault
  • Certain forms of stalking
  • Telecommunications fraud

If you are facing any class of felony charges in Arizona, you need a legal team who  knows what they are doing and is dedicated to helping you.

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