How to Be an Active Participant in Your Divorce


You are the only person who knows what you want your future to look like. To ensure that things turn out the way that you want, be as involved as you can in your divorce. When two people split up, the situation has a lasting impact. This is especially the case during the first few years following a divorce. If you let go of certain assets, those will be assets that your ex will control. Or, if you grant particular child custody terms, you could wind up dealing with major parenting problems later on. To make sure that your split happens as smoothly as possible and that your legal actions are a reflection of what you want, be an active participant in your divorce.

Share Information with Your Attorney

The first step in divorce is to choose the right attorney. But, he or she can’t just take over the situation for you. Make sure that you share as much information as possible with your attorney. This includes details about your marriage and your assets. The more you share, the more he or she can help you. During your first meeting with your attorney, ask what you should gather and document. Do everything you can to collect important information like financial statements and documents. With this information, your attorney will have a greater understanding of your future wants and how he or she can help you get it.

Communicate with Your Attorney

When questions or concerns arise, be an active participant in your divorce. Do this by communicating with your attorney. Also, ask your own questions. Make sure that you understand the details of your proposed custody agreement or express problems that you have with losing particular assets in your division of property. Discuss your future intentions with your attorney and ask how you can help things move along. In divorce, some of the work must be done by the couple who is filing.

Consider Your Financial Future

Getting a divorce will impact you emotionally, but keep an eye on your money. Know your income and how much you have in savings. Also, add up your new living, legal and kid costs. Don’t forget that your financial situation will change following your divorce. Be prepared for these changes.

Talk to Your Children

Be an active participant in your divorce by talking to your kids about the situation. Let them know what to expect. Don’t put this conversation off. Keep your kids in the loop as much as possible. Answer any questions that they have and make sure that they know you’ll be there for them.

Manage Your Emotions

Divorce is a difficult situation. Along with being responsible for a massive to-do list and having concerns about how your kids are doing with it, you’re dealing with intense emotions about the breakup. Don’t push these feelings aside. Deal with them when you’re not in the courtroom. This will help you remain practical and level-headed when you’re in the middle of important negotiations that could affect your future. Stay an active participant in your divorce.

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