Neutral Investigator of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Complaints

Company culture is strengthened and credibility is improved when the entire company knows that allegations of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination are taken seriously. When a workplace investigation is necessary, retaining an employment attorney to conduct a neutral, third-party investigator protects the integrity of the company and ensures that a complainant’s allegations are treated fairly.

Tyler Allen Law Firm commits to helping companies investigate harassment and discrimination complaints fairly and promptly in pursuit of truth. Our firm provides the following services to help Arizona employers protect employees and determine the best course of action when acts of harassment or discrimination form the basis of a workplace complaint:

  • Sexual Harassment Investigation

  • Workplace Discrimination Investigation

  • Workplace Investigation Training

Workplace Sexual Harassment Investigation

The #MeToo phenomenon of 2017 shed a clear spotlight on the truth that sexual harassment is a harm facing too many workers. The many individual accounts of workplace sexual harassment have collectively added up to a sharp increase in federal lawsuits charging sex-based harassment, as more than 3,500 federal civil suits were filed in 2017 alone.

Any accusation of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously by an employer, providing complainant’s with a timely investigation that is impartial to either side and is wholly dedicated to finding the truth.

Tyler Allen Law Firm serves as a neutral fact-finder that makes sure the company behaves impartially, the complainant is protected from retaliation and the company is given the information it needs to make an informed decision once the investigation is completed.

Workplace Discrimination Investigation

It is against both federal and Arizona law to discriminate against an Arizona employee in the workplace, whether the discrimination is based on race, gender, age or any other legally protected class.

Tyler Allen Law Firm provides neutral, fact-finding services as an independent investigator that helps complainants and companies pursue truth in a partisan-free manner that does not take sides. This protects the company’s reputation as well as a complainant’s fear of retaliation by the employer.

Retaliation charges rose 39% in Arizona between 2009 and 2013 as workplace discrimination complaints have declined, highlighting the need for neutral and objective investigators when Arizona workplace discrimination is alleged.

Workplace Investigation Training

Tyler Allen Law Firm helps companies prepare for and appropriately respond to accusations of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination with effective legal training.

Our training helps workforce trainees answer key questions in workplace investigations, such as:

  • What Is Sexual Harassment?

  • What Is Discrimination?

  • What Is Retaliation?

Our training explores these questions in light of federal and Arizona law. Upon completion of training, HR departments and upper management will be equipped with the knowledge needed to conduct fair investigations that lawfully respond to the complaints of an employee alleging sexual harassment or discrimination.

Training is provided to any employee or department of the company’s choosing, with training times ranging from one hour to a full day. All trainees will leave with a greater understanding of federal and state employee protections and the legal duties owed by both Arizona employers and employees.

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