Criminal Offense Traffic Violations

criminal traffic offense

criminal traffic offense

In the Arizona justice system there are two types of traffic violations you can be charged with: civil and criminal traffic violations.

The difference between criminal and civil traffic violations is the magnitude of the violation and potential punishments that can be assessed.

Criminal offense traffic violations are more serious than civil traffic violations, and they also pose a greater danger to you and the public.

Oftentimes, individuals are uncertain about the penalties that will accompany their traffic violation crimes.

If you are concerned about criminal and civil traffic violations, you might need the advice of trusted Phoenix traffic violation lawyers.

Below is an overview of when a traffic violation crosses the line into a criminal offense.

Criminal Traffic Violations

When driving on the road, you have a duty to drive safely and according to the law.

In many cases, driving over the speed limit by a few miles per hour or parking in an unacceptable space will get you a civil speeding ticket.

However, certain types of dangerous driving lead you to the area of criminal traffic violations.

Under Arizona Revised Statutes 28-693, an individual is engaged in reckless driving when one is driving in “reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property.”

This is a serious traffic violation, which can lead to a license suspension, possible jail time, and significant fine.

Racing, aggressive driving, and criminal speeding are other types of criminal traffic violations.

Criminal speeding in Arizona is when a driver’s speed exceeds eighty-five miles per hour or exceeds the posted speed limit by twenty miles per hour in a business or residential district, or exceeds thirty-five miles per hour approaching a school crossing.

Another example of a criminal traffic violation would be driving while intoxicated.

In Arizona, it is a criminal offense to drive if your alcohol concentration is 0.08 or more or .04 or more if you are in a commercial vehicle.

In addition to intoxication, drinking under the influence of any drug is also considered a criminal offense.

If you have been charged with a criminal traffic violation in the past, you may face greater consequences for your second violation.

Consequences of a Criminal Traffic Violation

Criminal traffic violations will oftentimes result in a criminal record. In addition, depending on the crime you can face severe fines and even time in jail.

If you are concerned about a criminal traffic violation, seeking legal counsel can help protect you and your rights.

A traffic violation lawyer will be able to review your case, assess the evidence regarding your traffic violation, negotiate a more favorable outcome, and protect your rights in court.

A criminal traffic violation is not something that you need to fight alone.

With the Phoenix criminal traffic violation lawyers of Tyler Allen Law Firm, you can be certain that you are fairly represented.

To schedule a consultation concerning your criminal offense traffic violation charges, contact us today.