Is Identity Theft a Criminal Offense?

is identity theft a criminal offense

is identity theft a criminal offense

The State of Arizona takes identity theft very seriously.

The law places criminal consequences on certain identity theft actions in an effort to deter individuals from participating in identity theft schemes.

If you have been charged of committing identity theft, you may be in need of the services of Phoenix criminal defense attorneys.

Below is an overview of whether or not you can be charged with a criminal violation in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Law – Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2008

According to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2008, an individual who “knowingly takes, purchases, manufactures, records, possesses or uses any personal identifying information of another person” without their consent, is committing identity theft.

This type of theft is considered a criminal offense and is a class four felony in the state of Arizona.

Essentially, if an individual knowingly takes or uses a person’s personal information, they can be prosecuted.

Individuals who are charged with a class four felony can find themselves in serious legal trouble.

Class Four Felony

Felony charges are crimes that are punishable by terms ranging from one year or more in state prison.

Sentencing for felony offenses can vary from state to state.

According to Arizona Revised Statute 13-701, a felony in the state of Arizona is punishable by imprisonment for a definite amount of years.

For a class four felony, the Defendant potentially faces between two to three years in prison.

Aggravated Identity Theft

In some situations, an individual can be charged with aggravated identity theft.

Aggravated identity theft is when an individual takes the identity of three or more individuals with the intent to cause harm and to impose severe economic loss.

The guidelines for aggravated identity theft are outlined in Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2009.

Aggravated identity theft carries a more severe sentence than regular identity theft.

Class Three Felony

The punishment under a class three felony depends upon whether the individual has any prior offenses.

For example, if one has no prior offenses, then one potentially faces imprisonment of 3.5 years.

If there are previous offenses, then sentencing may be more severe.

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