How Much Are Criminal Traffic Ticket Fines in AZ? [Infographic]

How Much Are Criminal Traffic Ticket Fines in AZ

How Much Are Criminal Traffic Ticket Fines in AZ

Criminal traffic offenses often lead to significant fines after a ticketed offense as well as lengthy jail time and similar consequences. Here is a closer look at criminal traffic fines in Arizona.

Criminal Speeding in Arizona

Criminal speeding is arguably the most common criminal traffic offense that leads to a fine. In addition to the possibility of 30 days in jail for criminal speeding, a ticket can also lead to up to $500 in fines.

Arizona drivers may be charged for criminal speeding when driving more than 20 mph faster than a legal speed limit or driving faster than 85 mph in Arizona.

DUI Traffic Tickets

A first offense standard DUI can lead to a fine up to $1,250. Additional offenses such as a second or subsequent offense can lead to a fine of $3,000, with increased jail time as well.

Other criminal DUI offenses such as extreme DUI and aggravated DUI charges also can result in extensive fines and jail time.

Other Criminal Traffic Ticket Offenses

In addition to criminal speeding and DUI offenses, other common Arizona criminal traffic offenses that can result in fines include:

If you’ve been issues a criminal traffic ticket in Arizona, contact a criminal traffic ticket attorney at  Tyler Allen Law Firm today to find out what your options are.