What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated?

What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated

What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated

It is an unfortunate fact of criminal justice that, all too often, defendants are unfairly convicted of crimes they did not commit.

Indeed, the list of inmates who have been exonerated on death row alone are numerous in the state of Arizona.

Wrongful convictions change lives permanently, which is painfully evident in the case of Arizona death row exoneree Ray Krone.

Defendants like Krone have spent decades in Arizona prisons for crimes that the defendants did not commit.

Wrongful convictions have led many like Mr. Krone to conclude that the death penalty should be abolished.

In fact, a recent Arizona capital punishment case made lead to the death penalty being abolished nationwide and we soon hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case.  

While there is no way to truly remedy the grave injustice of lost time and human dignity that results from a wrongful conviction, a dedicated Arizona criminal defense lawyer can help you pursue justice and the right to be exonerated.

What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated?

In simplest terms, exoneration means freedom for those who were falsely accused, arrested and ultimately imprisoned.

If you are an Arizona defendant or loved one who believes that a wrongful conviction has unfairly infringed upon deserved freedoms, it is important that you utilize legal resources that can help you pursue exoneration.

There are a myriad of reasons why an Arizona defendant could be wrongly convicted.

A few common reasons, among others, that can result in the need for legal representation after a conviction include:

  • Ineffective legal counsel

  • An error committed by the judge or jury in your case

  • The case was handled poorly by the legal system

  • There was a lack of evidence to convict

  • Your constitutional rights to due process were violated

Simply put, there are many reasons why your conviction may have been wrongful in nature.

At Tyler Allen Law Firm, PLLC, we work to ensure that defendants receive a strong legal defense the first time, making the need to be exonerated for a wrongful conviction unnecessary.

In addition to the legal defense counsel we provide, many organizations are also continuing to fight for the rights of the wrongly convicted.

One such project we featured previously is the Arizona Justice Project.

This wonderful organization has helped wrongfully convicted individuals in Arizona return to their loved ones with the freedom they never deserved to lose.

Post-Conviction Matters When Pursuing Exoneration and Justice

If you are in need of exoneration for a crime that you did not commit, know that there a number of legal options available to you.

Know that a "guilty" verdict does not mean your case has ended or that your fight for justice has concluded.

An Arizona criminal defense lawyer will help you address the issues that ought to be addressed following your sentencing.

However, if you have reason to believe a wrongful conviction occurred partly because of an ineffective attorney, then strongly consider finding a criminal defense attorney who can effectively address your post-conviction legal issues.

Post-conviction representation often hinges on constitutional violations that unfairly took away your freedom, but the process is often long, complex and subject to time limitations.

For these reasons, you need an experienced attorney who is truly dedicated to your case and your right to freedom.

Our team at Tyler Allen Law Firm is committed to helping the falsely accused and convicted receive true justice. 

Contact us to discuss exoneration and post-conviction concerns or to receive a strong legal defense that gives Arizona defendants their best chance at avoiding an unjust conviction.