Whistleblower’s Rights Under the Arizona Employment Protection Act

A “whistleblower” is a person who reports that someone they work with is conducting illegal activity. Depending on where they live, a whistleblower may report this activity to management or a state or federal agency. To protect those who report this type of activity, there are several federal and state statutes that provide safeguards. Here is information about a whistleblower’s rights under the Arizona Employment Protection Act.

Whistleblower’s Rights Under the Arizona Employment Protection Act

Whistleblower’s Rights Under the Arizona Employment Protection Act

Protection in Arizona

An employee cannot be fired for refusing to do something that would be against Arizona’s state laws. You cannot be fired for deciding not to join a labor organization or for carrying out your compensation rights. In Arizona, employers cannot fire you for exercising your right to vote or for being present at particular legal proceedings.

You cannot be let go for refusing to buy supplies or goods as a condition of your employment. Under the civil rights laws for discrimination, employers are not allowed to fire you if you file a legal charge against them or take part in an official investigation, hearing or proceeding. You cannot be fired in Arizona for joining in a proceeding regarding minimum wages that are being paid to minors or for filing a complaint or taking part in an investigation that falls under the state’s occupational safety and health laws.

A Few Distinctions

In Arizona, you cannot rely on a person or company violating a federal regulation as the source of your claim. You can only rely on a person or company violating the Arizona statute or the state constitution. To be protected under Arizona law, you must be an employee instead of an independent contractor. Also, if you are raising concerns about illegal activity, then you must bring it to the proper person.

Whistleblowers must confirm that their belief that another employee is currently violating or attempting to violate a state regulation of the constitution is objectively reasonable. To be protected as a whistleblower, your employer must fire you. Along with this, the reason for your dismissal must be a substantial motivating factor in your being fired. If your employer is able to confirm that there were other reasons, then he or she may be able to have your whistleblower case dismissed. The whistleblower provision of Arizona’s law is only for private employers. The state has a different law for those who work for the state.

Get Past the Complexity with Professional Legal Help

A whistleblower’s rights under the Arizona Employment Protection Act is complex. If you’ve been punished by your employer for blowing the whistle on illegal activity, then get professional legal help from us at the Tyler Allen Law Firm. We can help you determine if you have a case.  Contact us today for a consultation and to discuss your case by filling out the contact form on this page or calling (602) 456-0545.


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