A Guide to Arizona Court Terminology [Infographic]

Navigating legal waters can be tough enough without having to deal with endless amounts of legal drama.

Here are some definitions to help you understand some terms you may encounter during your court case:

Arizona Court Terminology

Arizona Court Terminology


  • Arraignment: Court proceeding in which the defendant stands before the judge to answer criminal charges by entering a plea of guilty or not guilty.

  • Pre-Trial: A meeting between defense counsel and the prosecutor to negotiate and exchange information with the each other and the judge.

  • Trial: The examination of facts and law presided over by a judge

  • Sentencing:If the defendant is convicted of criminal charges, there is a hearing called a sentencing where they will find out what their punishment will be. This may include prison or jail time, fines, and restitution.

  • Appeal: A request made to a higher court to reverse or modify a decision made by a lower court.

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