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Can You Get a DUI While Riding a Bicycle in Arizona? [Infographic]

Ever wonder if you can get a DUI when riding bicycle in Arizona? Tyler Allen Law Firm’s blog explains the rules behind Arizona’s DUI laws. If you have been charged with a DUI while riding a bicycle or a lesser charge like public intoxication, make sure to protect your legal rights by reaching out to an Arizona criminal defense lawyer. Contact Tyler Allen Law Firm to get the best possible defense.

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Criminal Traffic Violations in Arizona [Infographic]

Examples of criminal traffic violations include reckless driving, aggressive driving, failing to stop at an accident scene, racing on an Arizona highway, DUI, DWI, Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI. An Arizona Criminal Traffic Violation Attorney will review the case and evidence associated with the alleged violation before working to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Contact us today. Learn more by reading Tyler Allen Law firms blog. Tyler Allen law firm is located in Phoenix AZ.

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What Rights Do You Lose With a Felony Record? [Infographic]

What Rights Do You Lose With a Felony Record? Tyler Allen Law Firm located in Phoenix Arizona explains the rights entitled to people with a felony record. Tyler Allen Law firm practices criminal defense law as well as other areas of law. The effects of a felony record are far-reaching. Contact Tyler Allen law Firm to get the best chance of having felony charges reduced or dismissed.

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How Do I Contest an Order of Protection? [Infographic]

In Arizona, a Restraining Order is called an Order of Protection. An unfair Order of Protection can lead to serious consequences, such as: the inability to visit children, inability to enter your own home, losing child custody or parenting time with your children, having parenting time restricted to supervised visitation only. Tyler Allen Law Firm based in Phoenix Arizona practices family law, criminal defense as well as other areas of law.

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