How Do I Contest an Order of Protection? [Infographic]

How Do I Contest an Order of Protection

How Do I Contest an Order of Protection

In Arizona, a Restraining Order is called an Order of Protection. An unfair Order of Protection can lead to serious consequences, such as:

  • The inability to visit children

  • The inability to enter your own home

  • Losing child custody or parenting time with children

  • Having parenting time restricted to supervised visitation only

This Order will also show up on a background check, which could negatively impact your career and future employment options.

Your best defense against an unfair Order of Protection is to contact an experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer who will help you contest the Order.

How to Contest the Order of Protection

  • When an Order of Protection is issued against you, it can be contested by requesting a hearing.

  • At a hearing, a judge hears all the facts before making a decision based on Arizona law.

  • If the judge rules against you at the hearing, you may then appeal the court's decision made at the hearing.

  • It is important to understand that it is difficult, albeit not impossible, to have an Order of Protection lifted.

  • Your lawyer will need to present significant evidence that discredits the petitioner or rebuts the reasons the Order was issued.

Be sure to comply with all terms of the Order until your legal situation is resolved to avoid unnecessary legal trouble.

Rely on your Arizona criminal defense attorney to come up with the legal strategy needed to clear your name and have the unfair Order of Protection lifted. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Tyler Allen Law Firm.