How Should a Sexual Harassment Investigation Be Conducted? [Infographic]


In the #MeToo era, sexual harassment in the workplace has received newfound attention, and deservedly so.

A comprehensive EEOC study found that "anywhere from 25 to 85%" of women have been sexually harassed in the workplace.

Given the prevalence of this abhorrent workplace behavior, wise employers take sexual harassment allegations seriously and investigate fairly.

The EEOC wisely recommends that employers:

  • Devote sufficient resources to sexual harassment investigations

  • Make sure that all investigations are thorough and efficient

  • Ensure all investigations are impartial, objective and fair

An impartial investigation will always be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. This will provide:

  • Protection for all parties

  • The possibility for the truth to be pursued without unnecessary office gossip harming the investigation's goal of impartial truth-seeking

  • Confidence from the parties that the investigation will be fair

Additionally, complaints should be addressed immediately by an impartial investigator, which is one reason why a third-party investigator is often the wise choice for employers.

Investigation from a reliable third-party, such as Tyler Allen Law Firm, provides the following benefits:

  • A guarantee that the investigation is well-documented

  • Peace of mind that a detailed plan will be created by a trained professional

  • All relevant parties and witnesses will be interviewed fairly and thoroughly

  • Remedial measures can be implemented during the investigation, when necessary

Once we arrive at a decision based on a thorough review of the evidence, you will be able to take corrective action based on independent findings and an impartial recommendation.

Contact Tyler Allen Law Firm when you need a trusted third-party sexual harassment investigator.