How Should a Discrimination Investigation be Conducted? [Infographic]


Whenever an employee makes a complaint alleging that discrimination has occurred, employers ought to treat the claim seriously.

The following best practices should be implemented to make sure the investigation is conducted efficiently and fairly: • Keep the investigation confidential to protect the privacy of parties. • Provide reassurances that the investigation will be fair and free from workplace rumors. • Protect the discrimination complainant from any and all retaliation or retribution. • Chosen an investigator based on the ability to investigate objectively and arrive at an impartial finding free of bias.

Due to the need for impartiality during an investigation, it’s best to rely on the services of a third-party investigator.

Relying on an internal investigation may call the impartiality of the investigator's findings into question from one or multiple parties involved.

Once an investigator is selected, a detailed investigation plan should be put in place.

A proper investigation plan will: • Outline the scope of what should be investigated • Determine who should be interviewed • Plan for the specific evidence that ought to be collected

Tyler Allen Law Firm’s investigation will streamline the process toward an impartial decision, making an effective resolution of the discrimination complaint a likely outcome.