Dealing With Out-Of-State Traffic Tickets [Infographic]

Dealing with Out of State Traffic Tickets

Dealing with Out of State Traffic Tickets

If you were given a speeding ticket, or other traffic ticket, while traveling through Arizona, here are some important things you need to know:

  • Your home state will likely be notified, but they may not apply the violation to your record, depending on the laws of your home state.

  • You may want to contact your home state Motor Vehicle Division to find out the potential consequence of the violation before choosing to pay or fight the ticket.

  • A ticket in Arizona can affect your driving record, but your home state decides the severity of each violation.

A Tyler Allen Law Firm, our Phoenix traffic attorneys will work with you towards one of these goals:

  • Get the charges dismissed by showing you were not responsible

  • Get the charges reduced or amended to lessen the impact on your driving record

  • Negotiate for a plea deal

If you have been issued an Arizona traffic ticket and you live in another state, call the Tyler Allen Law Firm today!