Employment Contract Review and Severance Issues

Employment Contract Review and Severance Issues

Employment Contract Review and Severance Issues

When you decide to take a position with a new organization, the employment contract offered to you may not always provide you with the best protection. Before signing it, it is important to consider an employment contract review. A set of legal eyes inspecting your contract can help you avoid a headache down the road should the employment relationship turn sour.


There are several types of issues that you should negotiate while you have the leverage to do so. Be sure to negotiate:

·        Compensation, including commissions, bonuses and incentives

·        Stock options;

·        Health, insurance and retirement plans;

·        Relocation expenses;

·        Change in control provisions; and

·        Provisions for severance pay

If you fail to address these issues with your new employer upfront, then you could later be at a disadvantage. Even if the initial employment agreement looks standard and appears fair, there may be certain details missing that may put you at risk. Employers typically include highly restrictive noncompetition clauses that favor them and could have an impact on your future work options. Let us look over your employment contract carefully. We’ll consider what your new employer is offering, help you navigate your options moving forward and give you the information you will need to negotiate effectively.


It’s important for your severance package to be structured in a way that protects both you and your employer. Severance packages should recognize the potential for litigation based on events like harassment and discrimination that may lead to termination. Additionally, things like compensation for a former employee and non-disparagement and non-disclosure agreements to protect the employer are usually included.


If you’re a new employer who needs help creating employment and severance contracts for employees, we are glad to help. We know what terms should be included to limit liability and protect you and your future employees. We can also guide you through the many complicated Federal and State statues that govern employer/employee relationships. Furthermore, we can help you navigate harassment prevention policies, accommodations you may need for disabled employees, and methords to classify an employee’s time.


When it comes to employment contract reviews and severance issues, there is a lot for both you and your employer to protect. We’ll consider your interests and confirm the employment contract you were offered is right and fair. Contact the Tyler Allen law firm today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at (602) 456-0545. We can help.