Spotlight: The Arizona Innocence Project

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AIP Logo Blue LG

Despite what most would expect, the legal system is not perfect.

Studies show that wrongful convictions do exist and that they are a serious problem in nearly every state.

The current national error rate stands at about 3% and results in innocent individuals being convicted and put behind bars for years.

To address this issue, the Arizona Innocence Project was developed and includes a number of affiliate organizations to bring wrongful conviction throughout the state to justice.

They work diligently every day to improve the legal system.

The Goals of the Project

The Arizona Innocence Project recognizes that those who are wrongfully convicted may not always have the funds or legal support they need to overturn their convictions.

As a result, the Arizona Innocence Project provides its legal and investigative services pro-bono, which means that there is no charge for the service.

Through the project’s efforts in all areas, hundreds of innocent individuals have been collectively freed and given their lives back.

While innocent individual can never get the time they lost back, the project at least gives them the opportunity to give them a brighter future.

Changing Policies

As the project dedicates itself to overturning wrongful convictions and changing policies that cause injustice, many freed individuals are provided with assistance for basic needs such as housing and healthcare.

Even more importantly, the project’s network members also commit their time and effort to help change and develop policy issues that work to prevent more wrongful convictions throughout the state.

When a wrongful conviction occurs, the network members have their professionals submit to the court what it known as an amicus brief.

The purpose of the brief is to bring a matter to the attention to the court and request that the matter is addressed.

The Role of Legal Professional

Not only do many legal professionals donate their time and expertise to the project, but many also attend the network’s annual conference.

The annual conference is an event where legal professionals, advocate, exonerees, and families work and learn together about the goals and successes of the project.

Legal professionals also gain more insight on how they can reach successful outcome for their clients on case and ensure that fewer innocent individuals are wrongfully put behind bars.

The Right Legal Assistance at the Onset

The Arizona Innocence project certainly does something extraordinary and has largely met successful results.

At Tyler Allen Law Firm, our legal professionals handle an array of defense work.

The firm’s professionals are fully prepared to work with you and your case in order to ensure that you don’t find yourself needing to be exonerated from a convicted crime.

For a consultation, you can contact the firm here.

For more information the Arizona Innocence Project, please visit their site.