What is Employment Law?


Employment law is a set of regulations designed to oversee the relationships between employees and employers. There are employment laws at both the federal and state levels. When an employer decides to hire a worker, they must know the minimum wage laws, uniformed worker laws and the rules for creating a safe work environment. They may even be required to offer insurance. Here’s an employment law overview.

About the Minimum Wage

Nationwide, there is a minimum wage law for contractors. The rate required by law is $10.60 an hour for those who are working directly on, or in connection to, covered contracts. According to the employment laws, the rate for employees who receive tips and are working under a covered contract is $7.40. In Arizona, the minimum wage increased to $11.00 an hour while Flagstaff decided to opt for a little more by increasing the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour.

Regulating the Continuation of Benefits

Arizona currently has what it refers to as a “mini-COBRA” law. In this law, small employers are required to continue benefits for workers after they leave employment. The law applies to employers with at least one worker but not more than 20.

Workplace Health and Safety Regulations

Employment law is a collection of regulations that includes provisions about workplace health and safety. OSHA is the organization that oversees this area of the employment law. Under this section of the law, employers have a responsibility to provide workers with a work environment that is free from known and serious hazards. To make sure that companies comply, OSHA inspects and investigates worksites. OSHA added a new regulation for the construction industry this year. According to the change, employers must make sure that their crane operators are certified, licensed and trained.

Uniformed Services Employment

Employers who hire people who serve in the armed forces must reemploy them following their service. This includes those in the reserves or the National Guard. Arizona expanded the rights of military personnel from just those of the Arizona National Guard to members of any of the state’s national guard units.  

About Contraceptive Coverage

The final ruling that permits some employers to dispense with coverage for contraceptives in health plans that are under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect January 14, 2019.  

Following the Employment Law

Every company is required to follow employment law. These laws are in place for the safety and security of the country’s workforce. Any company in violation of employment laws may face legal action.

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