What is Voyeurism? [Infographic]



If you've been arrested for voyeurism, you could be facing serious punishments, including class 4 felony or class 5 felony charges,  a prison sentence and registration as a sex offender.

In Arizona, according to A.R.S. 13-1424, voyeurism is:

  1. Knowingly invading the privacy of someone else, without their knowledge, for sexual stimulation.

  2. Publishing, disclosing, displaying, or distributing photographs, video, or other digital media obtained through activities described in subsection A.

Subsection C of A.R.S. 13-1424 describes invasion of privacy as:

  1. When a person has reasonable expectation that they will not be viewed, recorded, etc.

  2. The person is viewed or recorded (with or without a device):

    1. In a state of undress or partial dress.

    2. Engaging in sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

    3. Urinating or defecating.

    4. In a way that captures their genitalia, buttocks, or female breast which is not otherwise visible to the public.

Here are exceptions:

  1. Media that is used for security, if there is a notice about recording that is clearly posted.

  2. Media used by correctional officers for security purposes.

  3. Media captured by law enforcement during a lawful investigation.

  4. Media captured through child monitoring devices.

There are several possible defenses against voyeurism charges.

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