Violent Crimes: Assault

Criminal defense attorneys at Tyler Allen Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona represent those who have been charged with a violent crime such as assault or aggravated assault. Arizona law states an assault charge involve either the threat of physical harm to a person, or actual physical harm to a person due to the violent nature of the crime, ARS 13-1203.

Assault in Arizona is divided into one of two offenses: misdemeanor assault or aggravated assault and can lead to harsh punishments such as:

  • Probation

  • Incarceration

  • Fines

  • Other

Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1204 categorizes aggravated assault acts as the following:

1. If the person causes serious physical injury to another.

2. If the person uses a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

3. If the person commits the assault by any means of force that causes temporary but substantial disfigurement, temporary but substantial loss or impairment of any body organ or part or a fracture of any body part.

4. If the person commits the assault while the victim is bound or otherwise physically restrained or while the victim's capacity to resist is substantially impaired.

5. If the person commits the assault after entering the private home of another with the intent to commit the assault.

6. If the person is eighteen years of age or older and commits the assault on a minor under fifteen years of age.

7. If the person commits assault as prescribed by § 13-1203, subsection A , paragraph 1 or 3 and the person is in violation of an order of protection issued against the person pursuant to § 13-3602 or 13-3624 .

8. If the person commits the assault knowing or having reason to know that the victim is a peace officer, constable, firefighter, teacher, healthcare practitioner, code enforcement officer, park ranger, public defender, or judicial officer.

9. If the person knowingly takes or attempts to exercise control of a firearm or deadly weapon used by a peace officer.

10. If the person assaults a department of corrections employee while in custody.

11. If the person uses a simulated deadly weapon.

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